Fundraising Gala and Dinner on December 9th

Publicated on: December 11, 2015

As a suitable token of the 5th anniversary of the New York Hungarian Scientific Society, with the support of the Hungarian Consulate General the Society held a Fundraising Gala and Dinner on December 9th. Donors contributed to the funding of the Albert Szent-Györgyi young Investigators Award supporting young, talented researchers in the Carpathian Basin.

Donors came from all walks of life, but are mainly part of the American and American-Hungarian scientific diaspora. Foundation of the Award was announced by Professor Abel Lajtha, student of Nobel Laurate Szent-Györgyi Albert. The fundraising dinner was completely sold out. Level of interest and support was very high, as Professor György Buzsáki, co-winer of the European Brain Prize gave a lecture and such famous researchers participated and gave donations as Celeste Napier, Rodolfo Llinas, Pasko Rakic who are among the top 10 quoted neurobiologists of the world.  The demand for and the support to this kind of initiatives is clearly very high as several dozens of donors supported the cause without even coming to the dinner, which was sold out, and the 64 guests, inspired by the quality and quantity of applicants, donated another 4000 USD on the spot. The Award Committee had the daunting task of picking winners of 59 applications. The Consulate General of Hungary is a proud supporter of all initiatives that strengthen the Hungarian and American-Hungarian scientific communities relationship and spreads the world about the intellectual achievements of Hungarians.

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