In this year, the Forum focused on early cancer detection.

Dr. Francis Barany (Weill Cornell Medicine) gave the keynote presentation on „Searching for the Hidden Cancer within you: The challenges of early cancer detection through blood testing”, followed by Dr. Boris Shor (Manhattan BioSolutions) on “Preclinical and clinical development of novel rBCG vaccine for locally advanced and metastatic bladder cancer” and Dr. Marc Ladanyi’s presentation on The MSK-IMPACT program: comprehensive clinical testing for cancer gene alterations in over 20,000 patients with advanced solid cancers.

NYCMedtech is a professional forum that brings together companies, investors, researchers and influencers interested in the life sciences business. At this full house event almost 100 guests participated. To support new generation of scientists, three science high schools were invited and represented:  the Bronx High School of Science (that gave 8 Nobel Prize winners to the world) , Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant which is considert one of the best  science high schools in the US.