Once again, great lectures, smart minds and lively debate at the yesterday’s event of the New York Hungarian Scientific Society hosted by Ambassador Ferenc Kumin Consul General of Hungary.

The timeous topics were the ‘Media in the 21st (Digital) Century’ and ‘Wherein lies the Public Interest’ by Prof. Miklós Sárváry from Columbia Business School and Bernat Ivancsics from Columbia Journalism School.

The first lecture focused on the argument of the rapid disruption of the media industry by the Internet, which started in the 1990s is similar to another media revolution a 100 years ago, then, fueled by the invention of Radio. Mr. Sárváry examined the implications of this analogy to understand what media landscape was likely to emerge as the digital revolution is coming to an end. Also what institutions will dominate this new media landscape and how will they impact our societies.

Mr. Bernat’s panel addressed the 20th century media regulation in United States. In particular, he identified two historical junctures where new media technologies, such as the radio, digital TV, and the internet, prompted policymakers and stakeholders to rethink the ‘public’ nature and ‘utility’ design of these technologies.