It was thrilling to meet representatives of the Greenwich Village (Manhattan, New York City) based First Presbyterian Church and discuss the plans to mark the resting place of Zsuzsanna Kossuth, sister of Lajos (Louis) Kossuth our national hero with a proper and dignifying memorial.

Zsuzsanna Kossuth was born exactly 200 years ago, 2017 is, therefore, dedicated to her memory, to her life full of sacrifices as the first chief nurse of the nation, who is still the role model for Hungarian nurses. 

On the picture we (Ferenc Kumin Consul General of Hungary, Zsuzsanna Király Deputy Chief of Mission) are standing very close to the presupposed resting place. Our knowledge about it is based on the invaluable research of historian Professor László Csorba. The original graveyard by the Church was eliminated many years ago. Now it's only lawn, but we have reliable information that the remains are still there under the ground. Based on old maps, we could locate it as well with good accuracy. Now it's our turn. During the following weeks we put together a proposal for the Session of the Church, and hope that we can report progress soon.