Dear Visitor,

New York is the most populous city in the United States, the most important cultural, academic, and financial center of the nation. Hungary is represented by numerous institutions here within a single office building: Hungarian Tourism Office, Hungarian Cultural Center, Permanent Mission of Hungary to the UN, and the Consulate General, led by me since the end of August, 2014. Our consuls deal with the biggest number of cases throughout the whole continent. Many Hungarians travel, work, or study in our enormous consular district. One may find many of the traditional Hungarian diaspora centers in this large area, as well as the Hungarian origin Jewish communities in New York City.  Our goal is to provide high quality, professional, and empathic services by making sure that everyone, every community gets a portion of our attention.

According to the new foreign policy strategy of Hungary our mission in New York sets the standards even higher. Finding new partners and markets for Hungarian enterprises, attracting US investors to Hungary, showcasing the endless colors of our cultural life and heritage, these all belong to our priority tasks. Our mission actively joins the sparkling academic and cultural life of the tri-state area. This job is assisted by our Science and Technology Attaché, and our very own Balassi Institution affiliate Cultural Center. Our exceptional responsibility and constitutional duty is the strengthening of our national cohesion with the Hungarian American communities. We proceed with the work that started in 2010 with the aim of reunification of the nation arching over the borders as the community of citizens, and first of all in the hearts and minds of all Hungarians.     

Ferenc Kumin

Consul General of Hungary